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Leveraging Technical Knowledge and Avoiding Re-Invention


Time and effort spent “reinventing the wheel” represents one of the greatest obstacles to timely innovation.

Project teams repeat experiments, test hypotheses and make discoveries that have already been done elsewhere in their department, organization or industry.

Analysts project that a solution has already been developed within the company 15-35% of the time (or more), but that the engineers are not aware of it!  And the study of patents, which led to the development of TRIZ, revealed that 95% of ‘new problems’ have already been solved,  often many times over, by scientific methods previously ‘known’ to other patents.

Even within one’s own company it can be difficult to findLeverage Knowledge documents across project or departmental silos; it’s even more problematic when the answer lies outside your firewall, industry or domain expertise. 

How much time do your engineers, scientists and researchers waste annually "looking" for information - with only limited success? Hours? Days? Weeks?

Several obstacles prevent timely access to problem-solving data: 

  1. You often don’t know the right questions to ask.
  2. Your search technology doesn’t allow you to ask the questions in the right way.
  3. You’re often unable to ask the questions of some of the richest sources of information, namely worldwide patent databases and technical web sites inaccessible to conventional searches.

Clearly, innovation could be greatly accelerated if only innovation workers could find the right information, in the context of the problems they are trying to solve.

Innovation software  can provide highly effective solutions to each of these obstacles. Integrating innovation and idea generation methods with advanced technologies for accessing precise concepts from corporate and worldwide knowledge sources, innovation software can help product development engineers, scientists and researchers to quickly conceive and validate ideas and speeds up the problem solving process.