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How Semantic Search Is Changing the Way You Innovate


Innovation strategy, culture, and funding aside, one of the greatest challenges facing the innovation worker – those folks in your organization tasked with developing new products, finding new markets, and improving existing products – is accessing the information they need in order to solve problems and make decisions.

But accessing knowledge – even internal corporate knowledge – is time-consuming and tedious. 

BetteryWay2ResearchProduct development information is scattered across different departments and geographies.  Intranets and shared drives do little to solve the knowledge retrieval challenge.  And traditional keyword search is ill-suited for research across the incredible volume of unstructured data that makes up the vast majority of R&D content.  Because traditional search technologies are unable to process the meaning of queries and of the content they are searching, traditional searches generally return lots of irrelevant ‘results’. Even if an engineer or researcher is able to locate a potential document of interest, they then need to read the document to determine if it is truly relevant to the problem at hand. 

All this time-intensive research is especially frustrating when you consider that up to 80% of research time (according to market research studies) is spent doing work that is similar to, if not the same, as work that has previously been done (often in one’s own organization), while only 2% of a researcher’s time is spent performing novel research.

Clearly, innovation could be accelerated and time spent researching made far more productive if innovation workers had a research tool that gave them precise access to relevant knowledge – regardless of where that knowledge lies (inside or outside the organization), the format of the document (structured or unstructured text), or the language of the source document.

Semantic search– particularly Natural Language Processing and question answering technology – promises to help make the finding of information via queries easier, faster and more effective.

As recently demonstrated by IBM’s supercomputer, Watson, semantic search can more precisely respond to a query by disambiguating the multiple meanings of words in a document and determining how they relate to one another. This is particular effective for complex queries – the kinds of queries involved in scientific and technical research.  

Most recently, IBM’s Watson has demonstrated the power of generalized semantic search. But Watson, powered by 90 servers and a network-attached storage cluster with over 21TB of data, is not a deployable solution today. And, while IBM works to deliver ‘mini Watsons’ that solve particular solutions in medicine and other areas, there already exists such a solution for the innovation worker.

Invention Machine Goldfire has been setting the new standard for technical research since its introduction a decade ago.

Deployed across hundreds of customers worldwide, Goldfire is a high-efficiency, purpose-built solution that delivers instant insights to engineers, scientists and researchers – delivering precise answers in the context of the problems innovation workers are trying to solve. Accelerated knowledge discovery and concept generation means faster time to market, faster entry into new markets, and more competitively differentiated products.

Invention Machine holds more than a dozen patents in the area of semantics including several patents in question-answering technology. And, Goldfire’s powerful intra-lingual search capabilities help users locate, with pinpoint precision, and quickly digest documents of interest even if they are written in a language other than their own. 

Goldfire integrates this best-in-class semantic technology with proven problem-solving capabilities to ensure innovation workers are better informed and more creative and comprehensive in their thinking.  Goldfire accelerates time-to-knowledge and unearths knowledge that would otherwise have been missed – bringing new efficiencies and limitless new possibilities to the process of innovation.

Want to see the power of Goldfire?  Click here to request a demo today.