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Goldfire Community of Innovation: Roadmap to Sustainable Innovation


By Mark E. Atkins

As I reflect on my meetings in Europe last week, I am encouraged by the enthusiasm, dedication, and successes of the customers with whom I had the opportunity to meet.  From next-generation plastics to life-saving pharmaceuticals and medical devices to revolutionary automotive and aerospace designs, these companies are forging exciting new paths in innovation. And these organizations are demonstrating a real appetite for accelerated and sustainable innovation – the kind of repeatable, value-driving innovation that leaves a company’s competitors in the dust.

For several months now, I have been reading one industry survey after another surmising that while most CEOs and other C-suite executives of market leaders and market laggards alike tout their commitment to innovation, they are unwilling to take the steps necessary to making innovation a sustainable practice across their organization. As a result, companies’ innovation efforts are ‘falling short’ and satisfaction with overall innovation ROI remains relatively low.  Sure enough, amongst our prospects and even some of our customers, we are also finding that companies are really struggling with how to consistently execute on innovation on a broad scale – but why? 

Certainly there are all sorts of roadblocks that can contribute to a company’s detour on the path to innovation – lack of focus, risk aversion, focusing on the short-term at the detriment of long-term business objectives, lack of vision, poor funding, poor execution, etc.  But, what we have found is that these roadblocks are really just symptoms of the problem.  Nearly every executive and innovation practitioner I meet with absolutely wants to innovate more efficiently and effectively – they are just unsure of how to get started.  

Goldfire Community of Innovation™
What companies need is a conceptual and operational roadmap that helps them build out a community of innovation gurus and specialists and establish innovation as a purposeful part of their organization’s culture. Goldfire Community of InnovationInvention Machine’s Goldfire Community of Innovation does just that. 

Powered by Invention Machine Goldfire, Goldfire Community of Innovation is a comprehensive program that integrates innovation best practices and infrastructure to knowledge-enable engineers, scientists and researchers - building innovation competence around key innovation activities to accelerate new product development, entry into new markets, and more.

Goldfire Community of Innovation supports:

  • Knowledge.  Knowledge-enabling engineers, scientists, and researchers via the Innovation Intelligence Ecosystem™.  Empowering innovation workers with precise access to relevant knowledge enabling them to more efficiently and effectively deliver on innovation.
  • People.  Innovation Skill Development; building a core community of innovation practitioners and a team of innovation specialists.
  • Process.   Integrating innovation best practices with mission-critical business processes; Enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of community activities and strategic processes
  • Collaboration.  Establish a framework for community problem sharing and solving.

Goldfire Community of Innovation can also help organizations establish an Innovation Center of Excellence which drives the successful deployment of innovation best practices in support of the enterprise’s goals - bringing uniformity and repeatability to innovation across all domains of the organization. 

With Goldfire Community of Innovation, organizations are guided step-by-step down the path that transforms them into high-performance innovation machines – making even the best performing companies even better, more competitive global enterprises.