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Connecting Innovation Workers with Domain Experts & Knowledge


There's a tremendous amount of critical knowledge and expertise in organizations with no reliable way to tap into it. Departmental, domain, geographic and information silos impede knowledge and problem sharing and decelerate innovation.

To facilitate shared problem solving, collaboration capabilities need to be integrated with repeatable innovation tools and methods. Innovation software, like Invention Machine Goldfire, makes it much easier to collaborate – both passively and actively – with subject matter experts across your organization.

Through active collaboration, you can identify and directly reach out to and engage relevant subject matter experts. Goldfire automates the identification of domain experts in real time. Goldfire provides a mechanism so that innovation and knowledge workers addressing different innovation imperatives can - at any time - reach out to team members and the broader community to find out who knows what they need to know  - when they need to know it.

Goldfire Screenshot - Expert IdentificationThe Goldfire platform, which is integrated with the corporate address book, considers such factors as authorship of internal documents and company-held patents, email, human resource records, skills databases and more to make recommendations on relevant domain experts. Through that mechanism you can find specific people to direct a challenge or question to.  With Goldfire you can tap into subject matter experts anywhere within the organization – across teams and divisions and even across language barriers. (Goldfire has unprecedented intra-lingual capabilities so users can search across English, French, German and Japanese documents and retrieve document summaries in their own languages, making available to them content that would have never been otherwise.)

Goldfire also supports passive collaboration – allowing users to leverage the ideas and insights of colleagues – even those no longer with the company – by accessing documented lessons learned, project files, designs, technical notes, and more.  What’s more, Goldfire indexes problem-solving discussions and exchanges so anytime a user leverages Goldfire to look for answers to a similar problem, they will automatically be directed to those exchanges and past experience and expertise.

Goldfire helps connect innovation workers based on what they know, allowing users to launch and review problem-solving discussion threads – without having to leave the innovation platform - and identifying and maintaining expert profiles and then routing questions to those individuals most likely to have expertise on the matter-at-hand.

As a result, cross-functional, cross-geographical and cross-language teams are better connected (based on what they know and need to know) and leveraged. Effective sharing of ‘gray-matter’ expertise is accelerated. And, problem-solving expertise is automatically captured for reuse across the enterprise.

To find out more about how Goldfire can help build and foster collaboration across your organization, take this brief 3-minute tour or request a demo today.