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WEBINAR: The Future of Research (This Will Change the Way You Innovate)


UPDATE: This webinar is now over. Watch the replay here.

Problems Solved Before
percent of time on novel research
22 - Percent of workers' time lost due to searching

IBM’s super-computer, Watson, and the Question & Answering technology behind it captivated millions when Watson beat out reigning champions on the popular TV game show Jeopardy!.  Now, many are pondering the possible applications of Question & Answering technology. 

Anyone who has ever used conventional search technologies knows what an arduous task research can be (hours spent chasing dead-ends and resulting in redundancy and rework). Consider what a powerful research tool – one that retrieves precise answers to your questions – would enable you to do.  The possibilities are endless...

The good news?  This powerful research technology is commercially available today as a purpose-built solution for driving innovation in product design and manufacturing - helping organizations increase productivity, raise R&D returns, and accelerate innovation.

Please join us on Wednesday, April 27th at 1PM EDT to learn why Question & Answering Technology will change the way you innovate and how R&D, engineering, and university organizations are leveraging Questing & Answering technology to drive innovation today.

What you will learn :

  1. What is Question & Answering technology and why is it important to me?
  2. What business problems can I address with Question & Answering technology?
  3. How you can I leverage Question & Answering technology to achieve benefits today?
  4. Real world applications of these technologies


Jim TodhunterJim Todhunter
CTO, Invention Machine;
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