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How Can Innovation Software Help You Innovate?

When first introduced to the notion of software that can drive creative thinking, or software that can stimulate innovation and invention, the initial response is usually, “You’ve got to be kidding!” This disbelief is sometimes followed a not-invented-here defensiveness; “Our people are world class; no commercial software package is going to tell us something we don’t already know [about our core expertise].” 

By way of analogy, sure, you can write an essay or white paper without a word processor, or prepare a budget or financial plan without a spreadsheet, but would you want to? These productivity tools are now commonplace – a baseline capability without which you would be at tremendous disadvantage. innovation software productivity tool

So too, innovation software, will soon become – if it is not already - second nature to engineers and scientists engaged in creative research and problem solving; a powerful productivity tool that gives innovation workers unprecedented advantages over competition.

With innovation software, innovation workers are knowledge enabled - stimulating creative, breakthrough thinking across the product life-cycle from market planning and early product conception through to detailed engineering, manufacturing execution and after-market support. 

Innovation software helps innovation workers overcome the challenge of psychological inertia – the myopic thinking that comes from being overly influenced by historical behavior or trends that prevents us from considering the broadest scope of alternatives.  Innovation software also helps communicate market requirements and product design capabilities across disparate communities,  understand how to prioritize and leveraging knowledge and existing resources, and accelerates creative problem solving. 

Computer-directed ideation and problem solving – coupled with precise access to relevant technical knowledge - helps engineers conceive more high-impact, breakthrough ideas, in less time, than traditional brainstorming sessions. This enables them to better:

  • Develop next-generation products and technologies
  • Find new markets or new applications for current technologies;
  • Envision and strategize the ways that a product’s capabilities might evolve;
  • Renovate and extend the life of existing product portfolios through reducing cost and enhancing functionality or quality;
  • Quickly "rehabilitate" products of defects to minimize risk and ensure maximum profit and customer goodwill;
  • Creatively anticipate and eliminate potential product failure modes during design, manufacture and use

For more than a decade, Invention Machine has been working with global manufacturers, government and world-class academic institutions to drive top-line revenue and market-share growth through:

  • Achieving and sustaining competitively differentiated products 
  • Reducing the delivery time for new product innovations, rapidly resolving problems in existing products and continuously improving production and service processes
  • Getting better control, ROI and predictability from R&D and technology investments 
  • Anticipating and responding to the opportunities and threats of rapidly evolving technologies and market conditions

Learn how Invention Machine can help your organization accelerate innovation.