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Invention Machine Goldfire 6.6 Advances Collaborative Innovation


Earlier this week, Invention Machine rolled out Goldfire 6.6, the latest release of its innovation intelligence platform. 

Invention Machine GoldfireThe new release includes enhancements that help companies build and foster a collaborative culture for accelerating innovative products and services to market.  Goldfire does this by leveraging a company’s ‘secret weapon’ –the vast experience, tribal knowledge and domain expertise of their engineers, scientists and researchers. By arming these innovation workers with the knowledge and innovation tools they need in order to develop optimal concepts and accelerate inventive problem solving, Goldfire helps organizations realize innovation more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Key enhancements of Goldfire 6.6 include:

Scheduled research email notifications. The Goldfire 6.6 release improves a company’s ability to collaboratively innovate new products and services through Goldfire’s scheduled research email notifications.  Delivered through standard email to multiple individuals or distribution lists, Goldfire automates discovery, alerting, and distribution to the latest development both inside your company and across industries.  Communities dependent upon sharing up to the minute developments in technologies, competitive strategies, patents, academic advancements, market shifts, breaking news, or their own internal product development programs can receive timely highlights with hyperlinks to relevant content at their convenience in their email inbox.  Scheduled Goldfire research updates not only help engineers and scientists create optimal products, but also help managers and executive tune go to market strategies driving profitability.

One-click semantic search. Access to Goldfire’s patented semantic research capability has been enhanced for “one-click search” in the Goldfire 6.6 release.  Featured on the Goldfire’s entry dashboard and other product screens, the new Research query field streamlines and expedites day-to-day research tasks.  Users can also selectively toggle between the broad range of patent, scientific, personal and corporate knowledge bases semantically indexed by Goldfire.  With one-click, users are presented with answers tailored to their most pressing innovation challenges.

Access to new technical & industry content. Goldfire 6.6 connects product teams to contemporary content to drive product innovation.  New for this release is connectivity to MIT DSpace, a collection containing more than 940,000 scholarly articles from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; FSTA Direct, the world's leading database of information covering food science, food technology and nutrition from the International Food Information Service (IFIS); and the SPIE Digital Library, a collection containing more than 313,000 research papers, scholarly journals, and eBooks from the International Society for Optics & Photonics.

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Watch a quick overview video of Goldfire 6.6: