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Extract Collective Wisdom Locked in Unstructured Data


It’s estimated that up to 85 percent of all information is unstructured - data not stored in databases or indexed in document management systems - but exchanged via email and memos, in field reports and notes from call centers, in surveys and reports, in chats and wikis, in RSS feeds, social media, journals, presentations and Web pages.  Analysts such as Gartner expect this trend to continue, with the volume of data exploding by 800 percent over the next five years alone.

With the exponential growth of online content, unstructured text, and Big Data, companies that are first to leverage the insights and ‘questions and answers’ locked in unstructured data stand to gain a considerable information advantage over their competition.Unstructured Text

If your company is overwhelmed by torrents of unstructured data, you are not alone.  An IBM study of more than 1500 CEOs suggested that the vast majority of the CEOs expressed frustration over their organization’s inability to glean insights from available data.  

A 2011 Unisphere/MarkLogic survey found that 86% of respondents admitted that unstructured data is important to their organization, yet only 11% had tools, procedures and policies for managing unstructured data.

For global manufacturers looking to exploit the wealth of knowledge locked in unstructured text, Invention Machine’s Goldfire, the Optimal Decision Engine, extracts answers and insights in unstructured data to inform decision-making across the product lifecycle. 

Powered by world-class semantic search capabilities, Goldfire connects to a wide range of knowledge and transforms the underlying data into actionable intelligence, pinpointing solutions from hundreds of document types – structured or not.

Companies use Goldfire to help them tap their collective wisdom, global knowledge, and that of experts inside and outside of the organization in order to operate more efficiently, better serve customers, and bring winning products to market faster.