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The Connected Enterprise: Making Information Actionable to Drive Innovation


For most global manufacturers, connecting innovation teams to one another –  and to the information and insights necessary to advance innovation – remains a critical and unmet challenge. And, despite the growing availability and amount of data around the globe on the Internet, innovation workers find themselves mired in research and unable to make informed and expedient decisions with high confidence.

the connected enterpriseStudies show that a lack of collaboration and insufficient connectivity to knowledge – inside and outside of the organization - reduces efficiencies by 30 to 45 percent or more. These inefficiencies result in significant waste, rework, and redundancy.

On Tuesday, July 31st, Invention Machine (recently acquired by IHS), will host a webcast on The Connected Enterprise: Making Information Actionable to Drive Innovation”. During this live webcast, Invention Machine’s CTO, Jim Todhunter, and IHS VP of Product Design, Chad Hawkinson, will discuss:

  1. The Connection Imperative – What’s driving the need for the Connected Enterprise
  2. The Connected Enterprise – What are key points of connection needed to ensure you have a Connected Enterprise
  3. Benefits of the Connected Enterprise – What business benefits accrue to the Connected Enterprise
  4. Goldfire in the Connected Enterprise – How Invention Machine’s Goldfire software establishes the business critical framework for the Connected Enterprise
  5. IHS and the Connected Enterprise – How the IHS acquisition of Invention Machine will expand the Connected Enterprise vision and framework

Join us July 31st to learn how your organization can connect to the relevant information, experts and know-how needed to accelerate informed product development decisions.