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Does Big Data Fuel Your Innovation Decisions?


This week, the Big Data Innovation Summit is here in Boston (home to Invention Machine, recently acquired by IHS).  Execs across industries will come together to strategize how best to capitalize on of the wealth of Big Data flooding their organizations.  The goal? Enhance company performance and achieve greater customer insight.Big Data to Fuel Innovation

Big Data has been a hot topic for the past year or two.   According to IBM, more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created each and every day – and this ‘Big Data’ is expanding rapidly as companies capture more and more data in greater detail, social media outputs continue to explode, and more transactions and information is shared over the Web in a vast array of formats.  Companies are now rushing to address the storage, privacy security, access and deployment of Big Data.

But one of the greatest challenges Big Data presents is the ability to glean meaningful insights from and make meaningful connections between all of the various data points and inputs.

Invention Machine’s advanced semantic search technologies help organizations understand the ‘answers’ in and glean insights from Big Data to inform, shape and shift critical and day-to-day product development decisions: What new technologies should I be aware of? What suppliers should I be considering? How do consumers feel about my products? How do consumers feel about my competitors’ products? What new markets might we serve with our existing product offerings?

For global manufacturers looking to integrate Big Data into their innovation and product development processes, Goldfire, the optimal decision engine, connects engineers, researchers and other technical personnel to a wide range of Big Data and transforms the underlying data into actionable intelligence.

Powered by world-class semantic search capabilities, Goldfire informs product development decision-making by connecting product teams across the product lifecycle to the knowledge and trends – locked in Big Data and elsewhere – across multiple languages, hundreds of document types, numerous enterprise applications, and across a staggering array of content. With on-demand insights from Goldfire, manufacturers are poised to make the optimal decisions relative to product development.

McKinsey calls Big Data the ‘next frontier for innovation, competition and productivity’. Learn how your organization can begin to better leverage big data by checking out the replay of our Leveraging Big Data to Drive Innovation webinar.  And, optimize every decision you make by requesting a personal Goldfire demonstration.